1. What is Daycations?

Daycations is an exclusive platform that offers you access to luxury hotel facilities in Egypt. 


2. What benefits do I have as a Daycations’ member?

As a Daycations member, you will be granted access to luxurious facilities in our partner hotels. In addition to, offers and discounts if you are planning to indulge your senses further more. It’s you doorway to lush living.


3. What are the available packages?

For now, we are only offering the standard package for one person, that can be later on upgraded to a couples package.


4. Can my friends and family use my card to book their day use?

No, this is an exclusive membership only valid to the membership holders.


5. Is booking a hotel room inclusive?

No, you as a Daycations member would be able to only enjoy the access  to the leisure and entrainment facilities in the hotel. Booking a room is not inclusive.


6. Are there any exclusion days?

As a Daycations member, you will have access to beach clubs, pools and other leisure facilities daily, provided you pre-book your day-use access through hotel directly to guarantee your memorable experience at our partners hotels.


7. Can I use the gym in any hotel offered in Daycations?

This would be stated clearly in your membership manual, as it varies according to our partner hotels. However, you will be having unlimited access to all the facilities including pools and beach clubs offered on our platform.


8. Does Daycations’ platform require an internet connection to be used?

Yes, the platform requires an internet connection or WiFi. 


9. How often do I need to renew my membership?

Your membership is only valid for three months, hence it will need to be renewed one month prior to its expiry date. 


10. Will my membership renew automatically? 

No, you have to give clear instructions to your Account manager in written or email form for automatic renewal, otherwise your membership will expire with your clearly stated expiry date.


11. How do I register  and become a member ?

You have to fill in our application format, afterwards you will receive a confirmation of processing for your application within 24 hours.


12. When will I be billed?

You will billed 15 days prior to the expiry date, only if you have a written confirmation pre-handed to your account manager for automatic renewal.


13. Can my family have a linked account?

Once family members have applied through our standard procedure, their accounts can be linked upon your request if you wish to. 


14. How do I use my Daycations membership? 

Upon activation you can choose any date you prefer to reserve your Daycations access in you favorite partner hotel destinations for a day to remember. With our partners you will be spoiled with luxurious varieties throughout the country.