How To Beat The Pandemic's Business Challenges

the global market world is continually changing. As a result of this accelerated transition, there is a rise in the volume of information that needs to be handled and the issues that need to be addressed. Now more than ever, there is a need for resilient and adaptive leaders who can respond effectively to this

change and accelerate creativity.

While business leaders do not have influence over external factors influencing their industries, they should train themselves and their organizations to adapt properly and manage to transition. In such situation, people would need to recharge and refuel their psychological needs in order to be as productive as needed.

In the light of every day’s struggles that you face in work, being demotivated and having lower productivity level is possible. It’s recognizable that stress levels have been high recently and people are over-worrying on what’s coming next in light of the Covid 19 pandemic, and this is depicted in the way they are anxious about their health and their future jobs. This made us realize that people should pay more attention to Self-care, which aids in enhancing their personal performance as well as the industrial efficiency. It all starts with the decision to take better care of their needs and wants that will affect directly their quality of life in every aspect.

Modern media have portrayed the hardworking leader as a sleep-deprived, stubborn, borderline manic individual obsessed with the bottom line and neglectful of self-care. While some people do fit this category, most do not. This stereotype can be harmful even if it’s meant to lampoon and discourage this behavior. In reality, the best leaders make time to take care of themselves physically, men

tally, and emotionally. Being able to balance the challenges of work with the importance of self-care is one of the most important qualities of leadership that should be acquired by a leader/business owner. Failing to achieve this balance is a strategic error and bleeds out into the rest of the business.

When you decide to pause all the chaos and indulge self care, you will refine the way you think and the way you feel about everything specially work, you will have more time to understand yourself and find inner peace. Consequently, you will have more energy to put into work and thus your productivity level will increase. Ignoring your body's needs can hurt your ability to think, focus, and help others in need. Whereas engaging in self-care can boost the mind, body, and spirit, which help lift those abilities in proximity as well.

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